Be Unapologetically Different & Wear it with Style like Kyle

Good Bye Mickey! Welcome New Age. Downtown Tampa is about to be the new spot and Kilgore Atlier has a piece of the pie. Kyle Kilgore, Tampa Fashion designer, is locked and loaded, waiting for the scene to blow up.

Kyle has been designing professionally for 6 years, recently opening designer retail boutique Kilgore Atlier, located downtown Tampa, and confidently states this is his life work. He has rebranded 3 times in his journey of discovering the image he wanted to present to the world, and how his dream would be publically displayed.

His partner is Justin Gray, who actively supports Kyle; assisting with brand management and campaign planning. It’s important to remember for success you need to surround yourself with the right type of people, that not only support you and your dream, but will push you to make it a reality.

Kyle has a upbeat, friendly personality, accented by his quirky comments. His humor drips with sarcasm and yet, he embodies a thoughtful and unapologetic acceptance of himself and those around him.

Kyle states he chose his store location due to the massive expected increase in foot traffic as downtown Tampa expands expendiatly. This fashion designer doesn’t just make bold, empty statements, the proof is in the pudding. Several wealthy businessmen have collaborated and plan to  build up downtown Tampa with 3 multimillion dollar projects currently in the works. Waterstreet skyline, Tampa Heights, and the potential new Ybor Stadium, are getting serious makeovers.

A Tampa Heights example; have you heard of Armature Works? If not, go check out this artsy display of craftsmanship, ethnic food from every culture, and live music performed by local artists. Tampa Bay can expect these projects to be finished within half a decade, and 5 years is a snap of the fingers when your dream is on the line. For fashion designer and shop owner Kyle Kilgore, making the right moves, and taking the smartest risks, while calculating events around him, is what it takes to make it to the top. Savy!

As a creative, Kyle stands out locally, creating more than just simple everyday clothes. He goes the extra mile; building custom-fit, unique masterpieces, which are outstanding and just way above the the norm. Kyle describes his style as “avant-guard”, which can be sampled in his eccentric individualized drag queen costumes, and 72 inch train harnessed bridal gowns. This fashion designer can go from fabulous to the mundane, with simple stitch fixes so you don’t have to throw out your favorite jeans. “My style is weird, and it is pretty apparent. People like art for fashion, people love art for uniqueness, and people want to see that artistic uniqueness. And as far as the Tampa designer market is concerned, I am the one who will make the outfit you didn’t even know you wanted. My style makes YOU stand out!”

Kyle creates a lot of his designs using photoshop, openly admitting to a hand-drawn weakness.

Just like any artist, he has had dark moments along his journey, where he lost sight of his purpose and wasn’t sure what made life worth it anymore. Starting designing at 20 years old, Kyle began with the expected daily clothing, and was disappointed to note that almost no one cared for his simple, but intrinsic ready wear art. So he began creating for himself more, dabbling in the artistic exploits of random, abstract pieces, like half patented leather pants with a super high slit, and the styles seemed to echo in the person he was deep in his soul. The public reaction was momentous, people were just going crazy over this new, outlandish, different style. Kyle knew he had found his calling. So no, he does not try to be relatable, he works at displaying himself, and accepts his strangeness with abandon, as his art manifests from his dark creativity.

“Everyone wants to be different. Some people don’t know how, some people don’t have the creativity, and then you see one of my dresses and you know immediately problem solved. If you don’t know where to start being different. Literally, I am a designer. Let me dress you! That’s my job! ” Kyle states passionately.

At one point in his childhood Kyle wanted to be an architect, as he has always been good with mapping ideas out and designing with his hands. As he grew, he found himself creating clothes for concert wear, and as his dream of what he wanted to design began to shift, his fashion designer talent became evident.

Kyle was often inspired by musical role models’ choice of wardrobe. The cost difference for college between the two different types of design, buildings versus clothing, was also off the charts, making his career choice obvious. Between youtube, and a friends sewing grandmother, Kyle taught himself how to sow and his skill only flourished with time.

Kyle says when  you have a dream or a goal, you need to write down what you want and the steps your going to take to get there. When you wake up every morning you read it, again, and again, every day. “Everything you do, every day, should point back to that goal. If it doesn’t, that means your wasting your time, and I don’t care if that means when celebrating with friends, recognizing what are you celebrating. What have you achieved toward your goal today? And if you stay diligent like that, you will see progress, and you will see rewards, , maybe not as fast as you want but everything comes in due time, you just have to put in the work. Period. “

Kilgore Atlier is sexy, unique, fresh and simply brimming with potential. Not only offering clothing style beyond your wildest dreams at an affordable custom rate but serving fresh baked treats and delicious coffee for all indulging in Kilgore Atlier’s services. All the cravings of your heart at 777 N. Ashley Dr. 33602. Don’t miss the grand opening March 1st 2019,  5pm. What’s that they say? Be THERE or be Square…

Written By: Writerreyes


777 N. ASHLEY DR.33602

Designer Atlier

Locally produced ready wear retail

Repairs, Alterations, Custom Work



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