Working Through the Stuck

I am pain.
the crackle of soreness in my joints.
The echo of the end.

Take a step.
the movement forward makes the goal.
The lack of is misery.

To emphasize my breath.
my drive to soar higher and larger than life.
A nessecity unquestioned.

Some days writing is harder then ever. Creating is harder than anything ever imagined. Despite natural talent, it’s amazing how having so many ideas stirring in your head can be its own stumbling block. To be so overflowing with inspiration that they can’t all fit out of the hole onto paper, into reality at the same time. Which one do you write first? Is one idea more important than another? So I just start. I write about writing like I am right now. I let the creativity take control.

What I am meant to write today will come out. It will slip down long manicured fingers, through my glossy red nails, and onto this black and white spread. Poetry. I have always found it so beautiful and yet I don’t seem to be able to write only a few words. A string of simple and deep phrases. It’s like I need to keep going to explain myself, what I mean by the pictures I create. I’ve recently become obsessed with love. With all thoughts of it. Obviously most of us are consumed by the idea or lack of. The deep happiness that the stories spin into our heads, a idea that many of us can’t help but think is nothing but a fairytale.

One of the books I have been pursuing is called “Her” by Pierre Jeanty. I longed to order this book due to amazing compositions and teasers on his instagram. His insight into what a women needs, expects, longs for; is profound and makes us scream for encore, as we agree wholeheartedly that this reality he paints would bring ultimate joy for more. That this sadness he mirrors perfectly embodies our own pains. Finally! True understanding with words in a way we could not express before. Maybe poetry is, a way to express feelings when there are no words because the depth is a mirroring of images and experiences from our past.

“She praises me for loving her right. In my head, this is the love she deserves. Unfortunately,  people have taught her that there are too many things wrong about her to love her right” – Pierre Alex Jeanty

“I will love through some hurts, but I cannot fall for you if you expect me to love you till it hurts” – Pierre Alex Jeanty

Another book that has enraptured my attention is a haiku book called “All the Words are Yours-Haiku’s on Love “by Tyler Knott Gregson.

How can he express so much with so little and be so right? I struggle with this design, but the beauty of his Gift is so bright.

Verses By Tyler Knott Gregson like:

“I know not the when, or the why of all this, I just know that it’s you”

“What is Bravery if not the marching forward, although all may be lost?”

“It’s what lives inside, the thoughts and dreams that make you, that lock me to you”

So that was my goal for the next week to try and write meaningful Haikus or short sentence poems that express deep emotion with only a few words. Yikes! Do any of you have any to share?

Haiku definition – 3 short lines that do not rhyme

I am pain
the crackle of soreness in my joints
The echo of the end

Take a step
the movement forward makes the goal
The lack of is misery

To emphasize my breath
my drive to soar higher and larger than life
A necessity unquestioned

Written By: Writerreyes

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