Big Talent Comes In Small Packages, No Need To Look Down Because She’s Coming Up

This small girl, of 5’0, seems anything but the powerhouse that she is. She ques the DJ and nods her head to the beat, setting her short brown hair to sway as the track she built begins its crescendo. At just the right moment, she explodes with sound, with words, with music, and the crowd sits back in awe, captivated by her performance. She eats up the stage, drawing in every listener, stealing their breath as her words wash over them and her impact sinks into their souls. This is Kliz Siebens, age 21 , a budding artist in the Tampa Bay music industry.

Kliz is a musician who is inclined toward singing, rapping, and playing whatever instrument she can get her hands on, whether its a guitar or a piano. Kliz has taught herself everything she knows by listening, repeating, and creating her own; no lessons for this girl. She stands out from the mass of beginning artists because she does not offer just one aspect, one genre; with Kliz, you never know what you are going to get. Listen to the ache of her singing which echoes with her sadness, and then be rocked by her rap which awakens with passion.Strong verses backed up with force otherwise unexpected.

Kliz has accumulated her lyrical inspirations throughout her life time in a surge of creativity in 2 weeks into a album called “Do It” which is about love, produced by YungMondo at Red Lounge Studios. She believes her music gives her fans different phases of a relationship to relate to.  Most people have experienced the rise and fall of love and this is why it’s one of the main topics of the music industry. People relate to heart break, to someone declaring their love, to the recovery process after your love has been shattered. Kliz wants to tell her fans “I was there, I know how it feels, I rose above the ashes and so can you”.  Her music is as you take it of course, but if listened to close enough, her own love story can be heard.

Kliz says to pay attention to the word play of her 5 song titles and the symbolism in her art cover which shows love is blind. She believes it is vital to experience the falling in love feeling and heartbreak to show any individual who they are as a person, and how they can grow.  She interprets rapping as strength and her rap, “Foreign”, sends the message ” You can accomplish anything, just don’t let anybody bring you down.”

Kliz knew she wanted to be a musician since 2nd grade when she listened to the Pokemon theme song, but her rapping really took off in 8th grade when she entered into her first competition. AND WON. Kliz reveres old school R&B including songs by Chris Brown,  80’s rock, and Lana del Rey. In her free time, she enjoys painting, dancing, drawing, spending time with family, and supporting other local artists. Her journey includes Disney Channel tryouts, financial difficulties despite open opportunities, and struggling parental differences. She is on a path to make a difference and to give people music to relate to.


The young artist knows how to read a crowd, to sense what they will be most moved by, and she says thats what its all about. “It’s about letting the crowd have what they want in order to connect with them, so it becomes a give and take, they want more, and I give more. You’ve got to feed your fans what they are looking for”. Kliz is one artist who can fit your every mood.

Kliz performed in Miami Live August 2018, can be found at many local venues such as Boba House and Smoken Words, with her album “Do It” available on ITUNES and Soundcloud. Check her out, can you relate to her love story?


Written By: Writerreyes

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