Beautiful Me

I just want to feel beauty. I love the whisper of silk against skin with secrets all it's own. Or the soft vibrancy of velvet tickling the senses. The soft hunting of lace, feminine and haunting, just framing all my pretty little edges. Or just simple cotton, to relax and not question that it's just a piece of all I can be.

Idiosyncratic ChillthePoet

Live, Laugh, Love, anddddd CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! This phrase has been used in so many ways and different situations, but no one has used the vibe like CHILL the Poet, a outstanding spoken word artist, poet, and occasional host. Chill claims to be an introvert, prefering to keep his life private, and may have been, before he... Continue Reading →

Ride Or Die

And I'm caught up in you, the life and death that you are. So if you are death and I am life , I know what death is more than others, because it is the opposite of me, it is the end, while I am always beginning. I must breathe to fight for life, and so when death asked life to marry him , how does he know how to respond when she says I will try to give you life and hope, even if its pointless, because it is not in me to be anything else...

Ex.Ni…No It’s NOT English…Read More

Latin--- Ex.Nilo ---  out of something BOOM! Ex.Ni is born. No planning, no clear intent, just natural artistic flow.  Two artists working individually to master writing, spoken word, and lit performances. Two friends creating powerful verses as the message hits home. Their friendship grew into a  performing arts group over 6 years. Chael Blinya, 20,... Continue Reading →

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