Idiosyncratic ChillthePoet

Live, Laugh, Love, anddddd CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! This phrase has been used in so many ways and different situations, but no one has used the vibe like CHILL the Poet, a outstanding spoken word artist, poet, and occasional host. Chill claims to be an introvert, prefering to keep his life private, and may have been, before he... Continue Reading →

Ex.Ni…No It’s NOT English…Read More

Latin--- Ex.Nilo ---  out of something BOOM! Ex.Ni is born. No planning, no clear intent, just natural artistic flow.  Two artists working individually to master writing, spoken word, and lit performances. Two friends creating powerful verses as the message hits home. Their friendship grew into a  performing arts group over 6 years. Chael Blinya, 20,... Continue Reading →

Meet Jeremiah and Chael

Chael "We want to be consistent and firm, but also spontaneous so we have any song ready to go at all times, so that at any moment, you can get a performance." The clang of two folding chairs banged back to back rattles the audience. A mic stand is placed and adjusted in front of... Continue Reading →

SpokenWord Queen: Steffortless

Have you listened to a poem and watched a performance as one outshines the sun? She warms the souls she touches. Her feelings sink into your skin but they're really just words that are now your reality, just as she meant it to be. If that's not the case, step away, and come back after... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peak to the Next Michevangelo

Pain creates the ability to see the light, and mold you more truely to who you are meant to be. Everyone struggles with identity at some point in their life. Questions about who you really are,  what your purpose is, and whether your good or bad seem to never truely go away. These questions leave... Continue Reading →

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