El G.Nie THE Genie

Ya'll ready for that magic? El G.Nie, age 24, answers the age old question, "What makes you different?" with a quick, clear thought, and a ready answer, "The conglomerate of everything; of everything as a whole. There are people that are multi-talented in certain areas, but I still feel I can expand in 20 more... Continue Reading →


1.25 million die yearly from car accidents 3,287 die daily from car accidents 40% fatalities occur around stop signs and traffic signals If only people would use their signals, inflections graced upon us from the One most High. To show others what moves they had in mind, maybe there would be less pain and better lessons learned this way. These are just a few of the thoughts I have had this day. I just wish signals were used, clicked and flashed instead of actions repeatedly rash, it would help so much from keeping us looking back at the past.

Traveling Poet: JuanSpeaks

"I was born in Venezuela, in 1995. When I was 12, I moved to Spain, and when I was 19, I moved here to the States. This has affected me greatly, not just as an artist, but also as a person. Moving from one place to another you meet a lot of people along the... Continue Reading →

https://youtu.be/u_UtAF7XkTE Come Thru to Ignite the Night! ⚡ Every 3rd Sunday THIS Third Sunday! 5 Star Dive Bar, Ybor Host & Hiphop Artist @mrtonekapone Song By: @hybreedem16 ⚡ Listen to Lit Bars from Local Artists Beat battles, Producer Showcases & More ⚡ Link to Website in His Bio# Go Follow!!! #tampaevents #host #tampaartists #performanceopportunities #music... Continue Reading →

Failure<Goals 🙄

Have you ever let the fear of failure stop you from doing something?•If you said no then you should definitely consider teaching a class😅. I feel we’ve all experienced a dose of this in life and frankly it sucks because the unknown can be so intriguing. You find out loads about yourself in situations where... Continue Reading →

If I die today, How many unwritten poems Will die with me? Will the words I won't speak Bounce between these walls, Locked up in this box I call a body? Or will they fly away until they find another host? Will they reach those Who need to hear them? @juanspeaks

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