Sapiosexual Shena Samone seduces Loud on 7th

Shena Samone shifts the mood in the second performance of the Loud on 7th’s Festival event Soul on Fire, by seducing the crowd with her personal singles, “Higher”, “Consumption”, “Sapiosexual”, and “Demons”. Her set is a whole mood, with dim lights and a sultry voice to bring goosebumps trailing up and down your spine as your brain becomes more inclined to the intelligent state of mind. Just settle into the sound of her voice as you recline. Now, let’s explain the why’s. 

This amazing talented R&B singer is inspired by the big moments in life, and small moments too, Shena Samone dives into a recollection, “ one time I was driving down the street and saw the hot sign for Krispy kreme donuts, and I was like dang, that would be a good track to write, HOT SIGN,” she continues with a laugh, “ I could be inspired by anything, sometimes I hear a tune in my head, and I just pull out the recorder on my phone and start writing”. Shena Samone is big on loyalty, honesty, and transparency. Although she comes off as sweet and quiet, Shena Samone often fails to catch on to the finer nuances of hints, preferring direct communication; whether that’s constructive or negative criticism with her music, or experiences in her life. Shena Samone works as a chiropractic assistant while traveling to perform in various locations in Tampa, Miami, California and New York. Follow her at @shenasamone to stay up to date on her next moves as Shena prepares to release her EDM album Oct 2021.

Performance Video

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: @BlessedSerenity_

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