Nina Manifests Love & Inspiration at Soul on Fire

For the past 20 years Nina Williams has been stunning the crowd with her exceptional vocals as her voice carries the audience away into her world, a place, where you long to stay for one more song, one more moment, as the peace and happiness of her melody stroke the soul into being in love. You may find yourself thrown back into flashes of past loves of your own, starry eyed moments encased in photographs of forever or maybe she will entice you to follow her deep into a world where soft and hard are all one and you wonder how you can you do anything but sink and follow Nina’s lead? Nina is straight from artsy Sarasota, Florida with a solid sprinkle of DMV, Washington, her bright heart pushes her musical message, inspired by her children and life as it enravels. “ If you look around there are so many things to be inspired by, so many things that speak positivity, if you can stop focusing on the negative. There is always a silver lining in everything. I am inspired by my drive to just go after life goals and dreams. I would encourage others to run after their dreams, focus on their goals, and don’t give up! Because life is going to throw things at you, but when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make lemonade”.  

Most recently Nina performed at Loud on 7th’s music festival event Soul on Fire, a R&B and poetry event structured to stun any blessed by the melodic voices and amazing performers who graced the stage. Nina performed 2 of her unreleased songs for the first time, ‘You Bring Me Joy’, and ‘Keep Your Head Up’ which featured Fti Rod. Nina Williams song, “Keep Your Head Up’ is  inspired by the events the entire world, our country, our small communities and especially our personal worlds experienced together from 2020 to present day 2021. Facing the pandemic, political shifts, racial injustices, natural disasters and so much more where people lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost homes, and left many in a depressed state. Witnessing the people in her circle go through these things as well as her personal hiccups, it inspired her to write to encourage others to keep going no matter what we’re facing, and we ARE going to get through this! Nina continues on to explain her song, ‘You Bring Me Joy’, “ This song is more about hope, and speaking it into existence,” she pauses with a laugh and a slap of the knee, “ I am singing about a man, but he ain’t here yet, I am singing him into existence. So you know in this song, I am singing about the butterflies and all the sensations of being in love, loving the presence of this other individual, and letting him know, hey I want you, I want to be with you”. 

 Nina has performed all over Florida from Tampa USF Sun Dome to Hooch and Hive to the UMA of Tampa. Follow @nina_williams_the_artist to see where this amazing R&B artist will be performing next as she conquers Florida, one event, one fan at a time.

Loud on 7th’s Performance

Written By: Writerreyes

Highlighted By: @BlessedSerenity_

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