Intro: Girl Meets Heart, Ang Meets Soul

Angie Soul is a lifestyle blogger residing in Tampa, FL, learning her own truth and sharing her journey. Each moment, each lesson can be experienced through delicately placed words which impact the heart and mind with each punctuation, her moments become your. Is this not what life is meant to be, a shared experience of you and me? Listen to what Ang has to share, as she speaks her truth, not rare, but may change your life if you dare.

Ang Meets Soul is a blog where you can find tips about personal experiences and lessons she has learned. Ang reaches out to her community to find those who have been similarly impacted, to provide an outlet for shared experiences and a warning for pain already known.  Angelique started out like anyone else, a girl with a voice shuttered by societal expectations and red tape created for those whose voice may empower women around the world. The meaning of this title is both deep and not so deep, a play on her name Angelique Soulet, and a reflection of a lifelong love of Boy Meets World.

 This woman exposes her truth, so you too, may not feel alone as your journey teaches you how to grow. “Ang Meets Soul was me coming into myself, my truest authentic self, kind of completing that spiritual journey that I have been on for so long,” Ang defines. The blog was born April 2019, with a total lifespan of a year and some change.

With a sigh, the beginning reveals itself as Angie Soul leads into the birthing pains of finding herself and creating this memoir of a blog as a result, “A week after my 29th birthday I found out I was pregnant. I do have a fiancé and we are planning a wedding, but we are not ready for a child yet. So, it was definitely an unexpected pregnancy”.

Angie Soul got engaged September of 2018, and in February 2019, she found out she was pregnant. Discouraged by the interruption of their plans, Angie and her fiancé Pushapreme (emerging hip-hop star), began to adjust to the idea of a mini version of them over a 2-week period. Finally accepting and looking forward to a reality they could not change, the young couple began to prepare for this lifestyle change. Unfortunately, shortly after visiting the OBGYN, mid-March, with Angie just 10 weeks pregnant, they quickly discovered that the pregnancy was abnormal, bringing much fear and uncertainty to the already unexpected situation. They were told Angelique would need to undergo a surgery called a suction D&C, a procedure typically done after a missed miscarriage. While not literally an abortion, it was equal to it. With no choice due to the likely mortality rate of mother and child due to the condition, Ang went into surgery, and came out broken, alone, and barely alive. Her family and fiancé were told there were complications in a surgery which should have been a 30 min procedure but ended up being 2 hours. Not the ideal situation for a woman’s first surgery, leading her to question herself, her body, and dropping her into a deep depression for over 3 weeks. “During that time, I started journaling, it was a way to walk myself through that pain. To try to get those feelings out, try to express myself, because I couldn’t really find the words. The right words. The words to explain to someone what I was feeling. It was one of THOSE experiences. Unless you go through it yourself, you could never understand. And it was beyond painful.”

When Angelique decided she was going to start her blog, she wrote an introduction piece hinting at past traumas but not actually revealing the source of her agony quite yet, feeling out the idea of having a blog. The second feature written exposed her core and why she wrote. Why she felt, how she felt, and where she hoped to escape to. To grow from. Grasping for hands, for hope, for words.  Angie Soul admits that even now, over a year later, she still struggles to read that angry and pain-felt post.

At the beginning of the blog, Angie Soul endeavored to publish at least 1 blogpost a week.  As time and life moments took their toll, Angie Soul Features spread out to biweekly publications. The time it takes to write a feature varies. Sometimes she is able to accomplish what she intends to write in an hour or so, and other times it can take days when writer’s block keeps arising and hours of blank pages, and flashing expectations make her step away to try again another day. “I put time aside to do it. If I know I have a blog coming up that week, it is the first thing I am doing in the morning before I even go to work. Before my brain is fried, I am working on my upcoming blog. That’s when my mind is fresh, especially since my day job in Human Resources is very stressful.”

Ang speaks on topics that are personal to herself, like journal entries but also takes the time to research and explore topics of interest to her, and those who also may be interested in what she finds. Topics she has written about include self care tips, travel, and relationship advice. Ang speaks on a recent 4-month sabbatical between November 2019 and February 2020 where she took a break from writing and then returned with blog post “Ode to Self-Love”.

“I was going through a lot; I needed to disconnect and get myself together. It’s funny because the first blog that I released this year was so vulnerable, so raw, and it was like I am not OKAY!” Angie Soul admits.

A lot of writers are divided between writing for themselves and writing for the fans, Angie Soul says she is a little bit of both. “There are certain topics that I am just so passionate about, and there are certain emotions that I am just so passionate about, that I am just like, THIS is what I am writing about. And then there are other times that I am going to my platforms and asking, out of these 2 topics, which one would you pick?” She goes on to speak about how she interacts directly with a lot of her fans through Instagram stories with videos and voting polls.

Angelique goes on to divulge what it is like to be engaged, and to be in love with a rising star, PushaPreme, the man with the mask. Pushapreme has been a signed artist with Heat1 Entertainment since right after his second album Blame the Skies in 2018. Pushapreme has performed all over the state of Florida, spreading his wings over the south and throughout the country, with listeners from around the world with 12.5k followers at this time. As Ang’s AngMeetSoul blog gathers its own following, this emerging writer speaks on the support each shows the other in their industry, as they fight to stand out in their individual ways, while having one another’s back.

Angie Soul reveals that she attends as many shows as she possibly can to support her husband to be, adoring his music, and rocking his artistic attire. While Pushapreme endeavors to read blogs, filled with emotion and information but thick with words appears to be a challenge for a musician who does NOT like to read, as he prefers audio for his on the go lifestyle. “He does read them though!” she says with a laugh, “He posts them on his Instagram stories and is always pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. And then vice versa with him. I think the way I have influenced him, as of late, is just letting him know that it is okay to be vulnerable. I have seen growth in his music, especially with his newest EP, that he secretly released for his dedicated fans. That EP “Overthinking will Kill You” has a lot of vulnerable content and he really opened up in a way I never saw from him.” Ang believes this EP will be released to the public slowly, 1 song at a time, reeling fans into a new side of himself.

As if Angie Soul’s wedding planning hadn’t hit enough bumps, it has been postponed due to 2020’s masterminded Jumanji pandemic, and like so many others in quarantine, Ang is determined to make some lifestyle changes. She redesigned her entire blog, while also purchasing a ring light for better quality selfies. Underrated is the photographer who has been taking the photos of Angie that she posts with her blogs. While Ang gets comfortable with herself and her body, her friend and photographer Sophie shines a whole new light on the beautiful and vulnerable blogger, always hitting those angles just right. With @sophies_eye_813 photos of Angie Soul highlighting AngMeetSoul’s first blog posts, Angie eventually got tired of being the subject of her blog photographs. Wanting to bring more attention to the topics she was writing about, Angie Soul whispers a hidden gem to other bloggers and new writers. Angie recommends for pictures of every kind that are not copyrighted. This site provides great pictures where artists and photographers are giving to the site freely. Obviously, credit should be given to the creator, but is not an obligation and does not come at a cost.

So much talent, so many underrated, Angie Soul talks about why it is so hard for artists, writers,and photographers to be recognized and seen. Ang states, “People are just not aware. You have to do something that is going to draw their attention. It must be obvious, it has to be direct, and it has to be in their face. Especially in this microwave generation, because they just want everything quick and ready and right there at their fingertips. Think about it, when building that Instagram audience, people are just scrolling, tapping, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Not really picking up or paying attention. I hate to say it because it sounds shallow, but I really feel like my blog following has grown to what it is because of my aesthetic. The truth is people like pretty pictures, and that’s what gets their attention.”

Angie also says she has grown a lot of her following on Twitter, “For blog interaction, Twitter is your best friend. Personally, I hate Twitter. I scroll for 3 minutes and then I hop off for 3 days because I get so overwhelmed with just the amount of information that is on Twitter at all times. So from many people’s point of view, it is just a lot to take in. But Twitter is what is going to help blog interaction. The blogging community in Twitter is so supportive like no other. If you follow certain accounts, they have blogging threads where they ask you to throw your links in to the comments. You end up interacting with other bloggers, they are reading your blogs and commenting, you’re reading and commenting theirs, and that’s how you get that interaction. Then you hope that someone might actually like what you have said enough to subscribe.”

When Ang began to come into herself and created the blog, she held a previous HR position where she was miserable day in, and day out. “My overall goal is just to connect with people, I just want to connect with my audience through my vulnerable writing……” For more on Ang Meets Soul keep your eye out for follow-up features.

Written By: Writerreyes

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