Poised, But Not Poisoned: Crewsoundwaves

When serenaded by Crewsoundwaves the throaty purr of his voice, trembles in such a way that the notes wiggle between pores, sinking under the skin, embedding into eardrums and saved onto playlists.  “That’s on Me, That’s on Set!”, is the first song of mine you have to listen to. This song is going to calm you down if you are hype, and if you’re too calm it’s going to turn you up. It’s what you need at that moment. It’s that session music. It’s that vibe music, ” Jamar Crew introduces.  


Jamar Crew chose his artist name using his last name ‘Crew’ as a foundation, and the type of magic he delivers as the frosting, soundwaves surfing through the next generation of music. 


Crewsoundwaves speaks very fondly of his origins in Jamaica after a recent first time visit to his native home. He shares a feel-good story about how his family joined up, brothers and uncles alike, to build a mansion with more than 4 stories and 6 bedrooms. They combined their familial wealth to reflect the status of the hearts they protect with peace and the ambitious minds they feed with territorial strength to pass down to the next generation. Amid the craze of the COVID-19 quarantine he posted on social media reflecting a STUNNING view of the deep green of tree tops cropped close together, the land dotted with buildings between the brush, sloped away over the immense land below, a reminder of all the world has to offer.   The instagram posted caption read, ‘They ask where mind is and I show them this’ #TheCrewCastle. 


Crew emphasizes this speaking on his desire to one day return to this place in Montego Bay that sings home deep in his bones, “ So far I have only lived in Florida but I think one day I might move there. My family already has a mansion there and I feel connected to the people. Right now there is a water shortage which seems impossible surrounded by water but it’s all politics, it’s not so much a lack of resources, it’s a lack of humanity. “So Long” is one of the songs on the project I am working on now and is about this. Look out for the words ‘My People Suffer’ in the hook of the song. It resonated with them, it sounds so good it resonates with others too.”  


Crewsoundwaves is known in the past for punk rap, pop, and mosh pit music starting in 2016, has switched up his musical vibe, focusing more on afrobeat and dance off reggae styles. “ My attitude changed,” Crew explains with a pause, “ cause I really live my music, and I like to be really honest about what I do. I was going through a rough time in my life where there was a lot of confusion, alot of mental dissonance.I didn’t really know who I was, what my passion was or what I wanted to do.” Like so many artists, in 2017 Crew found himself in unfamiliar territory after a crucial breakup intertwined with other personal daily struggles causing a crippling confusion which must be drowned in order to learn how to swim. As Crewsoundwaves’ experience grew he found that as his mindset changed so did the value he placed on himself as well as the quality of the types of people he related most to.  


Crew feels that a lot of modern music is influenced by Afrobeat and dance off reggae, favoring the wavy sound found so consistently in new, hot upcoming, artist’s music. 


Finding the best fitting musical niche is key to success in a world oversaturated with quantity over quality. Without a question, each artist must find a way to stand out and only if the fans can feel the rhyme of the lyrics ring with truth, is the all american dream even possible. Crew speaks on finding his transition,“Ever since I really started taking myself more seriously. Paying attention to intangible things like appreciation and forgiveness. Those are the realest things. The real concrete things. My message has been about love and caring. I have been making alot of love afrobeat music lately, which talks about being in love and passion, and some of the songs I have been coming out with talks about not giving up.” This artist is riding on the fact that love music will always be felt. It will always ache at just the right moment or put you in your feels as you drive home late at night, or loosen frustrated muscles as you listen to these fresh soundwaves with a hot shower pouring down tired skin, reverberating good energy and reminding, you can win. 

Due to Crewsoundwaves changing up the tempo he recreated himself as an artist, removing all past albums as they were no longer a representation for what he stood for. Eagerly Crew zooms in on his current endeavors, “ Right now I am currently working on what I feel is going to be my best project yet and this is going to be like my true introduction to the world.”


Crewsoundwaves currently has 8 singles available for streaming, with emphasis on “ That’s on Me, That’s on Set” released late 2019, and “Fantastic Four” released shortly after. “That’s on Me, That’s on Set” with a pop edge speaks on being a leader and putting the people around you in the position to be leaders too, with emphasis on never quitting. While “Fantastic Four” is about this emotional artist’s frustrations of realizing he was giving the wrong energy out. He was allowing himself to be misused or taken advantage of, and painfully learned how to say no. Music reflects a journey, artists seek to play the notes that sync best with the listeners needs to feel understood, and so Crewsoundwaves music reflects his journey. Individual but felt by those also experiencing their own version of his story. Music when done right, reminds you, you are not alone. 


Crewsoundwaves has performed at multiple Tampa venues such as 5 Star Dive Bar, the Pegasus Lounge, Crowbar, and Wine & Rhyme events. He endeavors to cross many more stages after his first album release to promote this upcoming content.


With vivid, interest piquing visuals, Crewsoundwaves moves along the screen like a dancer, as if choreographed but when you watch you know it’s natural. This appeal lures fans to his page, his fandom, as his upbeat, funny personality with clear artistic vision finishes the job. “ I think the reason we are so attracted to love music, or just care or passion, is because that’s what we are. In essence. And we like that, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Like a breath of honesty because everyone goes through that stuff. Not everyone always wants to listen to someone talking about how upset they are, or damaged they are, with no solution. My message is more positive. Like I want to have people DANCE, have a good time. If you come to my show I want you to be grooving, I want to make you feel like there is no one in the room but you,” Crew breathes.



Crewsoundwaves current project in progress is album called “The Crewe Castle” which has 8 songs and is a combination of dance hall reggae and afrobeat music. Crew lets fans know ahead of time,“Alot of it is at a tempo to where you just have to dance. It’s about love, it’s about passion, it’s also about lust. Lust kind of sneaks in there and makes room for itself, had to include that. And my goal is to shoot a video for all of them. I like all the songs that much, actually I love all of them.”


Crew continues to discuss the importance of visuals as he recognizes many fans find their new music through youtube, requiring a visual display. “You have to make music videos because technology has transformed so much of how you make music. It’s become quantity over quality so if you want to deliver quality, you have to get creative, and part of that is helping the people how to envision what you are trying to create. Like sometimes they don’t know how to vibe to your music until you show somebody vibing to the music,” he laughs, “ like oh that’s how you’re supposed to do it.” With dreads he frequently arranges to fit his daily fashion style, chic and unique, Crewsoundwaves has also been known to model for collaborations and promotional business opportunities. 


Taken in by this growing underground artist, Tampa Bay is bursting at the seams with talent that longs to sing. Entertainment and the artist soul laid bare for all to join his enigmatic journey, Crewsoundwaves has multiple projects surfacing over the next few months with key visuals from talented videographer Sonni Vega, including new music to add to the everyday vibe. Crewsoundwaves can be found on all social media platforms, streaming services and is most readily found on Spotify. If finding new artists is your thing, this is the guy you have been looking for. 


Sonni Vega affirms, “ From the jump I knew Crewsoundwaves was cool, I could feel his positivity and creativity, and I knew, this, this is the type of people I want to work with. First thing he did was call me Kid Cudi and was joking around so it wasn’t awkward at all, which only made the video that much better. He did his shoot all in one take, and he actually has good music too, that’s the kind of sound I look for in my videos and what I listen to on my own time. I would work with him again anytime.” Keep your eye for this upcoming album releasing the much anticipated “So Long”, along with an entire 8 song album, doubling current music released. Summer 2020 will be here  shortly after your next netflix binge. Time to tune those playlists. Follow on instagram @crewsoundwaves, and stay tuned for his next moves. 

 Written By: Writerreyes

Fun Fact: Nakedlyunderconstruction and CrewSoundwaves share a birthday, July 16th! 


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