Old School and Down to Talk the Real, Ace NH the Rapper

  This Georgia bred Ace brings an old school rap sound which for a while hasn’t been heard around town. He has those verses that hit home dancing with a beat that singes the soul with impact. Starting off with freestyle sessions in the high school courtyard before for 1st period and after school at the community park, to the beat of swishing nets and basketballs pounding on pavement, Ace was repeatedly praised for his passion and delivery. Reminded he had a talent that he could make a living of. A style others desired.   

“I definitely still write my verses too. And I don’t know which one I’m better at because when I freestyle I’ll say something that I know I wouldn’t have come up with if I tried to sit down and write, but then when I write it’s like I’m more focused. I just know how to make words rhyme. So, I know I can craft whatever I’m really trying to say. I create almost every day, if not every day than every other day,” Ace says. 

Ace never sought out the fame of a rap career like so many of his peers. Back when he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he didn’t have a clue. He just aimed to get through another day, another week, living life as it came but always excelled at writing and public speaking, perfect seeds for a successful future.

Ace has multiple singles, 3 solo albums, 2 EP’s and several features with other artists available for fans to stream. Upcoming is an album release in 2020, called “Life Goes On”, which is a sequel to an EP dropped in November 2019, “Never Forgotten”. This EP focuses more on the positive aspect of getting up stronger from the pit of human error, full of motivation and touches on relationship vibes.


Ace addresses the anger and pain so embedded in the rap industry, “ Rap is music and Music in general is a platform where you can express all of your emotions. Whatever your feelings, not just pain or a hard struggle that you go through. You can be happy and make a feel-good song. Or be feeling all over the place and make music that expresses that. All music is really just the perfect platform to express how you’re feeling.”

At the time of his interview, Ace divulged recently working on a R&B song called “Over You”.

Ace based this on the loss of someone who was meant to be forever. “I think people go through that a lot. Everyone has that one person in their life where they thought they were going to be with that person for real, for like ever, this is serious, and then it didn’t end up working. It goes from everyday talking and being there for each other to nothing. Makes you kinda have to start over.”

Ace is moving to the next step in any new artist’s journey as he increases networking efforts and promotion, focusing more on the business aspect of the music, instead of just the creating.

As most music does, this artist’s music reflects his temperament as he is usually one to keep to himself, as seen in his first album, released in 2019 called “Adjustments”. This is about discovering how to work the music business and finding how selfish those in the industry were. He quickly noted once again he was in a world where it is every man for himself, reinforcing his natural disposition that he was better by himself. People finesse and use others, stepping wherever they must, to reach their goal. Interestingly, Ace’s second album, released later in 2019, is called “Re-adjustments”, as he continues to experience the hypocrisy of support and participation followed by betrayal and ghosting. He states this reinforces why he started getting more and more serious in learning the legal aspect of the game.

Ace has performed at Tampa Riverwalk, Pegasus Lounge, University of South Florida, 5 Star Dive Bar (Ignite the Night), and on the Waves of the Bay radio show, with many more appearances to come. Wherever he goes he leaves his name behind, people know they were marked by increasing greatness. His potential is bluntly obvious to those acute enough to listen to the quality he brings. The streets and hardship, death, and life, a constant battle, the experiences dropping from his lips.

Ace believes strongly in positive energy, stating, “Happiness is doing what you want to do, how you want to do it. I think that’s the biggest thing, especially if you take money out the picture, because money can put a big dent in everything. Now you need money but if it wasn’t an issue you could truly focus on happiness. Like if you told me all my bills were paid for, for the rest of my life, and I could do whatever I want, even just hang out and be lazy, I still would be out making music,” Ace emphasizes with a pause,” Definitely making music.”

After experiencing so much death and pain at such a young age, teenage Ace had an instinctive negative outlook on every experience and began to fight with his personal desire to continue to breath on a daily basis, questioning his purpose. He had never previously understood how people could become suicidal with so much in life but once he felt that feeling, that total annihilation of purposelessness, he swore he would always remember, always work to tell others the message. “That feeling like I have no dreams. No purpose. It made me do stupid stuff, made me make choices that could put me in danger or get me arrested, it literally just didn’t matter. Cause I felt like I wasn’t worth nothing. That was one of the hardest times in my life” Ayce answers as we strip away the layers of the source of the powerful lyrics he delivers laced with deep emotion, vibrating in the punches in his voices. He overcame but never forgot and speaks on in his music.


“When it comes to my goals I would love to be able to touch the lives of people nationally, internationally, real deal globally, really send a message. As a musician you have to make certain vibes, like you can have your R&B songs, you’re going to have your turn up songs, your get lit songs, and stuff like that but I want them to get the message that…Life…it isn’t what it seems,” Ace says with a sigh, “ so if you have a negative disposition, that that’s not all life is, now you’re going to have days where you’re good and you think that’s all life is too, but there’s more to it. You are going to have ups and downs. You are going to go through periods that break you but then they’re gonna build you up to make you stronger. Life is really like a cycle, it’s going in a circle, it’s going to build you up, tear you down, but it’s going to give you something that you take with and you keep out of that situation. Something you didn’t have before you went through whatever you went through. Cause if everything went good you would never learn anything. You can’t make anything stronger until you break it down.”

As Ace explodes onto Tampa’s talent scene he has a few words for his fellow rappers. “Be yourself. Especially with this music thing, everybody thinks when you rap that you got to talk about being like the biggest gangster, or u gotta kill the most people, you gotta go through the most struggles, you gotta go through the most pain. There are folks who grew up in the suburbs rapping about how they mama couldn’t pay rent. That’s cap, you don’t have to tell everyone else’s story and make it your story. Be yourself. You could blow up playing sports or whatever you do. You don’t need to be from the streets for that street cred to make it. People will like you for you or they won’t. But being yourself is the only way you’re actually going to make it.” Ace elaborates on the impact of music, reminding everyone that when happy people listen to a different playlist then when they are sad or mad, and when they are going through a breakup they have a different playlist. People relate to music because they feel the artist and everything the artist feels. Because they have gone through something similar or maybe a few lines hit home as the fan’s truth. This is something Ace believes will make or break anyone with a dream.

From street fights, to shootouts to the pain of many friends and family lost to personal struggle with suicide Ace is no catfish in the rapper game, making him one of the new biggest and baddest cats in town. Heads up, this rapper truly came from the bottom, but now he’s here. 

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Written By: Writerreyes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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