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The charisma of emerging rap artist L-Quote is overwhelming, when bombarded by the knowledge, which drips from his lips. This underground rapper fires bars, while aiming at the stars. L-Quote has 10+ years in the rap game as a Military Veteran, following 9 years of Active Duty service in the United States Air Force (age 34).

“Traveling, networking and gathering experience on the government’s dime really helped impact my music in a positive way,” Quote agrees. One of the Air Force core values alongside excellence (in all we do) he took from the military was “Service before Self”, a truth he continues to live by.

Fuego has more than 100 songs available, a feast of mixtapes, singles, albums, and collaborations, with some of his first shows being booked in Colorado Springs, CO.

Discovering his talent at the early age of 11 or 12, L-Quote first heard Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy” in 1994, followed by Nas and Jay-Z being significant inspirations in this emcee to be.

Quote began performing his rap music around 2006. A few years after high school, the boy who grew up too fast, became a man, as he pursued his rap dream while working hard for the U.S. government, as his living. His first mix tape (created in high school) was called “Classified Information”. This mix tape was never officially published online, birthing his official first album “The Masterpiece”, shortly afterwards. This album featured 2 additional artists partnered in Colorado.

Quote’s music is based on personal experiences, with an emphasis on relationships of all types; familial, romantic, and brotherhood. LQ also pays attention to others’ pain. Their stories are filled with lessons to be learned from. He then transpires these emotions and experiences into his music.

Quote speaks specifically on his travels to certain places such as Panama & Africa, and how these trips truly opened his eyes. They helped him to be more aware and grateful for his privileged American life. Valuing small life necessities such as having access to clean water.

“Happiness is gratefulness. I have learned gratitude is the greatest emotion you can have. Even when things are at it’s worse. If you can look at the things you do have, whether it’s a place to stay, a car to drive, a job that pays the bills, being grateful is the key to happiness” L-Quote feels.


Quote then moves to review inspirations for his explosive music, sampling one of his songs, “Protect U” which is about life insurance. Representing how often tragedies occur that take a young person’s life and leaves behind an aching emptiness. As if this is not enough, there are gaping debts left in the young individuals’ wake. Children and wives now weighed down by not only a loss, but also the consistent reminder from debt collectors of the lost ones’ failures. Of their inability to fulfill what was a simple return of services because their life was taken instead. As if that wasn’t enough. As if they had not already paid the ultimate price. LQ says, “The songs that show the pain of experiences versus those that reflect clubbing, or the party life, have so much more impact. These messages resonate more because things like that, are what people will live with and deal with for the rest of their lives. One of my closest producers, for example, passed away unprotected, and I still live with that everyday.”

Quote’s personal goal is to perform and do music full time, touring the country, the world, and sharing his motivational message, while displaying these ideals with the way he lives his life, until he dies.

L-Quote adds, “I want to empower my fans. Those who feel ambitious, I would like to build confidence in them. Whatever they want to pursue in life, it doesn’t have to be entertainment or music, but if you do have a profession that you are focused on or you want to be promoted in. I want to show them, you, if you put in that work, and make the right connections, you can go very far”.

Quote came from a background of women who raised him despite their own personal adversities. His grandmother raised him with only having an elementary education, alongside his 4 siblings, 2 younger and 2 older. This impressive strength also added to LQ’s desire to overcome all odds, with NO excuses.

In addition to his work ethic, Quote values attitude as a reminder that most things happening around you are outside of your control. “Aim for excellence, as people are deserving of the best product you can put out”, he emphasizes with vigor.

L-Quote celebrates one of his most recent albums “The Last International Playboy” above all others next to his current album “SE7EN”. He fuels this appetizer for the rest of his musical banquet, stating that it is a love story based off of a movie, The Last International Playboy. Quote felt he really connected with the star of the movie, his life and romantic struggles he overcame. L-Quote saw himself in the character as if peering into a mirror. His latest album SE7EN has been released since October 2019, revolving around the 7 deadly sins and produced entirely by two of the best producers on the East Coast, M.A.D. Smooth (@madsmoothmusic) & S.O. Terik (@mrsoterik). The lead single “Enrapture” features Shena Samone (@shenasamone) and it dives into the fire and ice of the enchanting sin of lust.   


  1.       Militant III (Sin of Pride)
  2.       Enrapture (Sin of Lust)
  3.       Goliath (Sin of Wrath)
  4.       Hell’s Kitchen (Sin of Greed)
  5.       A Story IV Status (Sin of Envy)
  6.       Wolvez & Sheep (Sin of Gluttony)
  7.       Carefree (Sin of Sloth)


Quote’s delivery brings experience and knowledge, not yet known, delivering the message while leading the listener down the story lane, feeling every note for themselves. This storytelling technique is especially emphasized in this album. “It’s honestly a pretty intimate piece of work, so I think from beginning to end it actually keeps you very intrigued,” Quote states, explaining why so many only wished it was a longer listen than what it turned out to be. “Mission accomplished,” as Quote (@quotefuego) smiles.

L-Quote’s movement includes being a voice for those who don’t have a voice, fighting for artists that have a gift to be able to send out a message and BE on any platform. Support those who have these abilities, as well as provide an example of “no fear” to speak out on certain topics which others are hesitant to speak on. “It is our duty to speak on behalf of everyone else. And remember, failure has such a negative connotation to it, when in fact you actually need failure to become successful. So, stop being fearful. Take the chance. Go for it. “

Written By: Writerreyes


Written By: Writerreyes

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