Oh SV NOIR, SV NOIR, Just Listen, and Adore

Looking for that next generational music? That slow hypnotic voice which soothes and hypes you up all at the same time? That beat that satiates your soul deep, deep within, scraping your insides and waking you up in a way you didn’t even know you longed for? A sound that has your ears perking and tail wagging? Or atleast other parts….

Listen and be intrigued. Explore where her magnetizing sound takes you as SV NOIR (“s-v-nwar”) introduces a futuristic refreshing vibe you’ll be humming to when you least expect it. Let go. Sink in.  Become. As it leads you to more. Come! Let’s explore SV NOIR. 

One of many, but also standing alone and unique, SV NOIR is one of Tampa’s budding new melodic voices. Once that little girl, quiet on the outside, but as soon as she was left alone belting out ballads at the top of her lungs to her heart’s desire to R&B and pop stars such Brittany Spears, Beyonce, and Mary J Blige. SV sang the lyrics which would spark her talent into creation, lighting a fire (quite literally) in her heart and mind, as the flames of her music begins to spread.  Like many artists, she started out with that showerhead mic or hairbrush in the closet. SV has been singing and songwriting most of her life but only recently began to make her dream a reality. She began performing publicly in 2015 after truly recognizing her sound when she began to hear artists like Willow and Jhene Aiko, who had begun to become more and more popular in mainstream media. 

Despite this recent debut into the music scene, Tampa Bay and outer-city fans are already clamoring for more of this talented artist, who captivates the attention of all as she glides over the stage, mesmerizing the soul. 

“Go Gina” by SZA and alternative Mac DeMarco “On the Level” are some of her key inspirations. Less than popular songs, but a reminder that every song rings true and impacts someone. A key factor for artists to remember, when a fan raves about the songs that are continually ran on replay on the radio, while the rest of their album fades into the past, every song has it’s day. 

SV NOIR’s first project was “Quart Century” EP, with 4 songs in total, and is mainly about heartbreak, overcoming and realizing her worth. She speaks on her song, “No One” about feeling unnoticed but no longer caring what another may be thinking. Knowing that at the end of the day she will make it, and it does not matter if people know who she is. Another song on this album she recommends listening to is called “Feels”, embodying heartfelt lyrics over an instrumental by Earl Sweatshirt. SV will breathe in her element and that is enough for her, emphasizing this with the statement, ” I am meant to do this!” 

SV NOIR has also released several singles including, “Last Night” which has an alternative reggae vibe imbued with her usual R&B, in honor of her familial Haitian origins. 

SV can often be found at different bars, clubs, and event venues supporting other artists and drinking in the energy of the crowd. This artist is an exemplary display of a girl who knows how to have a good time. She shows thriving fandom, and illuminates the room with her positive energy despite that the spotlight isn’t even purposefully hers. Her energy is charismatic and draws others to her which she channels uniquely in her performances and music. SV NOIR emphasizes, “I do like to go out to see other artists, to show face, to display who I am and also to support my friends who are in the art scene. I feel it is really important if you want people to support you, you have to support them.” SV promotes her friend and associate artist “Pearl”, recommending her shows often called, “A Pearl Event”, as a show everyone must go to at least once. With a laugh SV NOIR implies this talented costar will keep people coming back for more.

SV NOIR  has a bachelors in marketing and her artistic vision shines in reflection. Outside, she is a whole vibe, while inside she is full of joy and comedy. SV NOIR endeavors to work more in the entertainment industry, enjoying working on small comical videos with different, full personality characters. These are displayed with different accents she has perfected. Way back when camcorders were a thing, she and her brother would record a “mini series of different skits” that might have been the basis for a new branch into the comedy world for this talented musician. Until of course parental lack of technical vision erased the arsenal of funny clips in favor of a single but memorable family moment.  I say we hold our breath, while we can catch it, before this vibrantly evident creative has our sides aching from her raw humor, which already keep fans coming back for more. The roar of the laughing crowd is yet another door that makes SV NOIR’s talents soar.

“I am not afraid to admit that I am still in progress, still trying to blossom, to find my sound. I’m not scared to take risks with my talents. I am trying all these different things while putting my feelings out there, which makes me very vulnerable,” SV NOIR points out. 

Beautiful futuristic SV NOIR creates best in solitude and is working on her ability to create with others as she is interested in collaborating with other artists but her inspiration battles against her unless she is in her zone. SV NOIR is a self taught, youtube connoisseur but due to the continual need for growth intends to eventually take the extra step to see if vocal lessons can take her singing to the next level. 

Her new release “Rebel” is one of SV NOIR’s most recent accomplishments, and part of a much larger lyrical project she is compiling for any major entertainment company who will bite this juicy sample.  This clever, marketing queen has key elements in her lyrics hinting at specific brands such as adidas, to highlight her musical prowess and finally get that larger commercial exposure so many artists hunger for. This visually impacting music video will have you watching wide eyed as this shooting star begins to rise and is the perfect example of her lure. 

Follow this talented young artist on instagram, Twitter and Facebook @svnoir, and if you have yet to catch her performing live, you’re missing out on one hell of a ride. 

Written By: Writerreyes

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