NUC- Underconstruction

Hey! Just checking in with you. I know it has been a while since your interview and you may be wondering where your feature is. Nakedlyundeconstruction is an new, upcoming blog which is “underconstruction”. I am working out a system for this blog and how to make my true vision for this page come alive, without stealing from my own creative time and works, or neglecting personal relationships. As we both know this can be hard to balance when chasing a dream. As you saw with some of the questions asked at interview, this balance is hard to find, and for every artist this pursuit for attention to their art and talent is a work in progress, full of trials and unexpected wins. When I started nakedlyunderconstruction it exploded past expectation. There was so much talent to write about, so many stories which were/ and still are begging to be heard. I jumped into the tidal wave, thrilled by overwhelming artisitc energy. I let this torrent take me away from my vision, listening to others voices and in time I fought to shore, noting that although the places the blog was taking me were vibrant, it was not the dream I had envisioned. So I have stepped away, Nakedlyunderconstruction is still ongoing, and your feature will be written. Your story will be told. Please allow me to do this within my own time, as this will come at no cost you, but hopefully a benefit. Keep an eye out for changes on main webpage or advertising social media accounts. Know I will continue to support and post your content, Let me know if you create new content you would like promoted. I am still excited to be part of your journey. Please take a backseat while I explore my own.

When you’re feature is written, ready to be published and promoted I will contact you notifying you of the completion. I will ask you for three promo videos/pics for instagram and any advertising captions you would like. I will ask for a main picture for blog photo to accompany the feature (check out instagram feature posts or actual webpage for example). I will request email so I can send you invite to google docs so you can review, edit, and critique feature before publishing. It is your job to notify me if you feel I have misunderstood your answer to a question and portrayed you accordingly. My goal is to write a skillfully creative background feature on you that reflects well on my writing style due to composition and presentation, while promoting a deeper knowledge for your fans to know who you are and provide a unique light on your talent and life.

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