“Street Smart- Book Smart. Feel ALL Life’s Pain and Conquer” Leppi

Leppi, motivational rapper, is 29 and creating music with a unique medium, pain. He is a powerful example of how to go through life’s hardest trials, conquering and coming out on top. He intends to make an impact and create inspiration for those lucky enough to experience his vision.

“My whole objective is, everyone goes through something, some have already been through the hard times and there will be people in the future who have yet to experience those hard things, so why not share something about me? Even if maybe 98% of it is bullshit to some people, but if someone can get 2% of helpfulness out of something than that makes it all worth it. It all comes out with words and in music, and I pray somebody feels what I am saying”. 

Leppi is “short” for Leprechaun due to a recognized addiction for money which was morphed into an acronym with artistic meaning, “Let Every Person Prosper Independently”. Over time he recognized that focusing on others may bog down your purpose while focusing on your own abilities and opportunities are better and more productive in the long run. This is hard to accomplish in this day and age of social media and acute comparison causing nationwide depression and anxiety. 

Leppi is one of those artists who likes to create his own path. Where the direction to fame seems clear to most, a strategic road laid to be followed, according to what many others have accomplished this artist will recreate expectations. Leaving his audience wondering what he has next in store, Leppi creates his own beats and refuses to conform; allowing his personal creative muse  to be the only voice pushing his music and allowing him to stand out.

Leppi steps further than outside the box. He steps outside of formality, and the comfort zone many keep tightly wrapped around them, enticing his fans to step out over and over again. 

“I am all about real life, the pains that are hard to talk about. I am an open book,” Leppi states. This artist knows a lot about pain and “real life”, he knows what it is to live every moment like it’s his last. ” There’s no point in hiding parts of your story, because it will all come out eventually and every part of your story is a lesson you can learn from, that I can create from, that might make all the difference for someone else. “

Leppi is an artist who has endured an internal severe struggle his entire life, which gives the rest no excuse BUT to conquer dreams. Leppi has Sickle Cell Anemia. He has fought the health system’s lack of understanding for what he experiences; the uncontrollable, and all but unbearable. It is what has made him the warrior he is. God makes the strongest fighters in the flames, those who have endured more than others can even imagine, have experiences to relay that can change most healthy people’s lives if only the time was given to listen and truly feel the words. Especially when delivered so artistically. 

A Sickle Cell crisis is when every blood cell in your body, your muscles, your bones, tendons and the veins that connect throughout, become your enemy and yet they are you. They become a raging inferno of agony, civil war bursts underneath skin, and the desire for life dwindles and explodes past rationality in painful duality. The question is when will it stop? Can someone help? Will they help even if they can, or will they see just another addict, their knowledge lacking the experience of the searing unbearable pain reaping havoc upon the body. A body that sometimes shuts off, unable to contain such magnitude. A war against itself, causing eternal confusion. 

Those individuals so cursed to have this disease, hiding beneath quiet skin, have no idea when another round of hell may begin. From a quiet night eating icecream and listening to the strum of a guitar to pure screams ripping from every pore of one’s body, almost making the true end a relief, making it so much harder to live every day, unknowing whether it will be worth it. Leppi makes it worth it. He rises above all odds, and creates his own destiny.

Leppi educates that most of his sickle cell crisis’ last about a week, the white hospital walls and dooming smell of bleach covering the acrid smell of death and sickness are his familiar companions. October 2014 was a turning moment in this rappers career as his unbeatable sickness attempted to steal his life, leading him into a comma that lasted 2 weeks. 2 weeks where he battled for his right for a conscious existence. Leppi fought for the right to make HIS impact on the world. He had yet to make the BANG he had been living for. 

Leppi most recently released the music video “Role Model”  which is also widely available on all streaming platforms.

This song is extremely personal to this artist’s daily struggles with depression in light of the physical hardship he endures, touching on suicide and other realities so many fight to hide.  The song takes the listener through the experience and journey of an individual who is grateful every day he sees another sunrise but also recognizes it could be his last. 

Leppi has studied Computer science, experienced street life, and embeds himself into any source of information he can dig up, soaking up knowledge like a sponge in order to conquer the world that is always offering a new and unexpected challenge.

“I seek to build my business and control the value of my own life.” Leppi says this in reflection of the saying, ‘ If you work for somebody else, your salary is just the amount that someone has paid for you to achieve their dreams, instead of chasing your own dreams.” This hits especially hard knowing an episode can hit at any time and incapacitate him to the point he CAN’T go to work as he is in the hospital. He frequently buys products for the low, and turns them over for the value they are worth. 

Leppi believes in the sacrifice of time and money made from Day 1 to live your life full; where your potential becomes your reality, and the quality and purpose of your life is what you make it. 

Leppi speaks on the progression of a rappers development, “Last year I focused on performance improvement, reading the crowd, and exploring my stage presence, this year I  am developing my presentation of creative projects and how to release according to fan attention spans and what will catch their interest.” Leppi is working on a full album of self produced beats, brainstorming on how to present this theme to impact as hard as the inspiration for the idea. Leppi says this is important, recognizing that if no one knows who you are, or is drawn to your presentation that it will not matter if you have 100 songs in your repertoire if there is no one to listen.

If this feature spoke to you in any way, step outside your bubble and check out what it is to live life every day with a physical, unpredictable struggle that you cannot even comprehend unless it’s in a Hallmark video, which leaves you with wet cheeks and a runny nose that you can forget with the swipe of a Kleenex. Imagine this is your LIFE and every day YOU MUST LIVE TO THE FULLEST. Take a moment, listen to this beat, this man’s true heart beat, the music @leppi_vafl creates for YOUR sake. 

Written By: Writerreyes

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