El G.Nie THE Genie

Ya’ll ready for that magic? El G.Nie, age 24, answers the age old question, “What makes you different?” with a quick, clear thought, and a ready answer, “The conglomerate of everything; of everything as a whole. There are people that are multi-talented in certain areas, but I still feel I can expand in 20 more different ways. I can do spanish. I can do english. I can do poetry. I can do rap. I can be an author. I can be a speaker. I can be a host. I can be an actor. The way I branch out and plan to expand myself, and brand myself, I am not just one thing. Not just a rapper. Not just a writer. Not just a host. I’m El G.Nie, the Genie!” he says with enthusiasm. 

El G.Nie began tasting the fruits of creative writing at 11, rounding his writing experience to 13 years as he continues to ripen at the current age of 24. This writer published his first debut book at age 23 titled, From the Lamp, Vol 1: Ego, Essence & Edification

This publication is a collection of poetry, creating visual realities of the growing/maturing process most people go through in a lifetime. Equivalent to the beginning of manhood, the book leads into expressions of ego. When we first come into this world everything is me, me, me, ego, ego, feed me, clothe me, can’t do anything for ourselves. Then, as you grow older, you still have that sense of self; explaining why people do the things they do because they are selfish and greedy, until they reach the point of “essence.”

For El G.Nie, essence stands for God: the Creator, the universe. When that ego finally meets that essence, you realize, wait a minute, it’s not about me, it’s about others; it’s about sharing, it’s about what I have to give. When this realization develops fully, meaning now you know who you really are; you come to edification through that essence. You leave that ego behind. Now you begin edifying others and bringing them to realize the same process that you went through. Displaying that this life is NOT about ego. This life is not about us by ourselves, but us as a community.

El G.Nie says, “Obviously we do things for ourselves, as we are who we are, but your intentions towards your purpose and the rest of the world mean everything. “

El G.Nie states that he reflects this journey in his own path, through his childhood and especially his teenage years. This dramatic artist was all ego, extremely selfish and all about what was going to benefit him. He describes his teenage self as moody, as many teenagers are, angry when situations didn’t go in his favor. As he grew older, maturing into his early 20’s, he began to transition, stepping back and saying, “Hold on, what is this all about really? Look at all the suffering and lack some people are living with. What can I do to make a difference and make these voices heard?”

El G.Nie has always been involved with the community in some way; whether through church events, plays, or just offering a helping hand. He has often been in the public eye, allowing him the opportunity to observe others, and their daily habits. Always in the front, always on stage, doing what feels natural, El G.Nie gained an understanding of what others outside of himself needed, and how they lived their lives. El G.Nie specifically speaks on one of his songs called “Mental Piece” (2014), which reflects on the spiritual intuitions that have influenced experiences in his life, and his perception in introspect.   

El G.Nie feels he offers a unique perspective of being present, but not in the mix. That guy that’s always on the outside looking in, so he can represent what other people experience as well as himself. Observing or playing third party to someone else’s experience and providing a whole different view of a situation that is otherwise impossible to see in such a way because the person experiencing is too close to the taciturn moment. 

El G.Nie remembers as a kid seeing close friends take completely different paths than he chose. This gave him a passenger side view of the darker side of life. As a result of choosing differently, El G.Nie feels he can be an encouragement to others at cross roads, or other side liners close to people who might be in tough situations with hard choices to make. 

With a light EP on the way to lure his literary, spoken fans into a deeper infatuation with his explosive, meaningful music, look out for more artistic moves from this mystically multi-talented individual. This G.Nie is working hard to pour his talents into the community and make real wishes come true.

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Written By: Writerreyes

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