Appetizer: Deep Brown Eyes-Entree: Demetrius Black

Austin Hogans A.K.A. Demetrius Black is an up and coming singer-songwriter, with a sensational mix of hip hop, rap, and R & B. Releasing in March 2019 is his first ­­16 track album release ‘Epiphany.’ Hit Singles such as ‘Gravy’, ‘Head in the Clouds’, and ‘Shook’ are already available on every music platform including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and iTunes. Demetrius Black is also an independent model, represented by Alexa models. He specializes in runway, fashion, and fitness, with samplings of his work available on his instagram @demetriusblk. He is a motivational speaker and is often found creating inspirational videos and posts via social media.   Demetrius’ music is the apple of his eye, and promotes his style stating, “It’s a old school vibe with a new school twist”.

Demetrius Black makes a statement by not using pronouns such as he/she, specializing in gender neutral lyrics. This artist is adapting with pop culture and makes a point of ensuring his music can appeal to any audience, regardless of viewpoints; political, sexual, religious or otherwise. His music is meant to authentically reach every type of person, and promotes acceptance of oneself.

“My message has positivity ringing through it. And that’s what I think the industry is in dire need of. It’s in need of positivity and a  positive message. Of course you can brag, and talk trash, but at the end of the day I think the overall message needs to be positive, uplifting, inspirational, talking about moving on, bettering yourself, chasing your goals, and your dreams. Going after what you want, and really, helping people manifest the reality that they want. And if you really listen to my music’s lyrics, you’ll be able to connect to it on a really deep level,” Mr. Black enthuses.

Austin Hogans works as an extremely successful facilitator, which funds his journey into the music and performance industry. This is the struggle he faces on a daily basis as he works to balance music, social media fan curating, and his full time job. Demetrius has above 19K Instagram followers as a beginning artist and reflects that social media is a necessary double-edge sword. If consumers don’t get a chance to know the artist personally, with ease of access to the behind scenes, it can be next to impossible to build a large fanbase. “To be an artist, you can’t just have good music anymore, people have to like you as a person for them to even want to listen to your music. So you really have to open yourself up and bear it all. Have something that people want to tune into, and social media is the place to do that. ”

Demetrius is creating everyday, whether it’s in the car listening to youtube instrumentals or with friends just vibing to the sound of  the moment. Arguments, unique experiences, frustration in Starbucks drive-thru, a bad breakup, a moment in the club, the birth of a new family member, a birthday party, and more; are all examples of life inspiration that could end up in one of Demetrius’ songs.   

Most of Demetrius’ music inspires and motivates with a strong undertone about overcoming and working towards your future and striving towards something positive. In contrary, some of Mr.Black’s songs are as simple as singing about looking across the room and seeing someone with those sexy, deep brown eyes looking back at you. Feeling that shiver run down your spine as that electric connection ripples through  the air between you.Immediately you start to think about what you would say to get this person’s attention. You may divulge in a fantasy about what you would do to that person with those exotic brown eyes, that you want to do, MORE than drown in. Demetrius Black’s single “Brown Eyes” released recently, February 1st, 2019. This song is yet another example of extreme relatability, and is applicable to most fans lives.

As his music and modeling career explode, Demetrius dreams of furthering his vision in the public eye with live performances, acting and TV commercials. He is chasing childhood dreams, having always enjoyed putting on a show, creating, and just being involved, whether it was for his parents or friends or school events. Mr. Black is also looking to start building a team of professionals including booking manager, networking manager, executive producer, entertainment lawyer, and marketing manager. He is also open to working with different producers, and new collaborations with other talented musicians and singers.  

Watch out for the different voices (Check out: ‘Best Part’ on Epiphany – released in March 2019) on the various tracks and note that ALL are Demetrius. Mr. Black authorizes this is a reflection of the many parts of his personality, and the two races that war inside him.  These conflictions, that are beautiful in unison, also allow him to be racially ambiguous; identifying as a person of the people, and a spokesperson for any who wish it.

If you are looking for a artist who has lyrical meaning, a good beat, and can change up his vibe, check out Demetrius’ music for a hell of a ride. Look out for “Epiphany” , releasing March 2019, and don’t be off guard when these singles go off the charts. Lastly, don’t forget “Brown Eyes” a heartfelt breath of a moment, emphasized by the hum of Demetrius’ melodic voice; which makes you remember your own “Brown Eyes” moment with a big sigh.

Written By: Writerreyes

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