SpokenWord Queen: Steffortless

Have you listened to a poem and watched a performance as one outshines the sun? She warms the souls she touches. Her feelings sink into your skin but they’re really just words that are now your reality, just as she meant it to be.

If that’s not the case, step away, and come back after you hear this Queen.


Some people just exist from one moment to the next. Others strive to accomplish and feel life as exuberantly as possible. However, only a handful strive to make a true difference and leave the world a better place after they have gone. This applies to Steffortless, age 24, artist, poet, spoken-word master, painter, model, rapper, singer, psychology major, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, and friend. 

Steffortless is a young professional and fully intends to use her talents to further her art as well as yours. She is available for music promotions, art commission (paintings, drawings, sculptures), and modeling. She specializes in spoken word poetry and various other art forms.  Stef also trades and invests in Crypto currencies and partakes in the Forex market. Foreign exchange includes the buying, selling, and exchanging of international currencies. Crypto currency is a digital form of currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

This artist truly believes in empowering others to reach financial freedom. She strongly recommends multiple sources of income. Steffortless feels that our society is structured around having one monetary focus. This is largely due to the lack of empowerment many individuals feel as a result of current and past societal expectations. She believes those who have an entrepreneurial drive should aspire to have at least 8 sources of income, comparable to the average millionaire.

 Stef facilitates courses in social media marketing and plans to write a book on the topic. She started her Instagram less than a year ago, quickly growing fans and noticing certain patterns of engagement to reach that success. “I like Instagram because it’s straight to the point, it cuts away the excess, and that’s me, I like things straight to the point. So if someone asked for my resume or an example of my work, they can check out my Instagram. That platform gives ease of access.”

If the bread isn’t clean, no one will even check the meat, reminding us that an artistic image advertises the package. Steffortless offers video promotions for new releases including, singing or dancing along to specified content. This provides a unique marketing opportunity and allows her to reach multiple demographics, as she is bilingual.  To monetize and hone your craft, Stef recommends performing in big cities such as NYC, Atlanta, LA, etc. 

Surprisingly, Steffortless is a self-proclaimed introvert. She believes that solitude is an essential part of her creative process/comfort zone. This level of introspect is acquired through studying people and their interactions. Observations help her to understand herself and overall human behavior. This is her main field of study, as she aspires to be a Forensic Psychologist. Steffortless is always looking for opportunities to improve herself and those around her. She is distinguished as a peoples advocate. 

She is currently starring in 2 music videos, “ALL THE WAY DOWN “By Seckond Chaynce and “Cha Ching ” By Uno Royalty featuring. AK. 

Steffortless started her YouTube centered around self expression about 6 months ago, and she is already above 500 subscribers! She is all about cross networking, stating ” You promote me, I’ll promote you. You put me on, I’ll put you on”. She firmly believes in reciprocity. Poets often message her via DM, asking for tips on how to improve their work. Steffortless is eager to assist in transferring the desired energy for creative flow. Grant Cardone-multimillionaire states ‘A person has to make themselves useful, so reliable, that people come to you to get things done.’ Steffortless reflects, “I want to make myself so useful, so resourceful, that people will give me more than those 5 minutes because they will feel like I have something vital to offer them.”

Its important to pay attention to what people say. A story that someone shares may open your perspective to something you were previously unaware of, that couldn’t have been understood any other way. Steffortless emphasizes” I don’t shut myself down to any information, I take what I need and throw the rest away. Just like our digestive system”.

This woman inspires and pushes herself to be the Queen the entire society is striving for but can’t complete. Take a look at what runs deeper than the roots of any tree.

 “Not only can you relate to her, but by the time she’s done  showing you everything she is, you’ll do anything to get close to her, needing the heat from that brilliant sun cause you know she’s got more in that gun”. 

Experience a woman that is a jane of many trades , who lives for the people, living loud and true. Just the same as she wants for you. 

Check out @Steffortlessly for ongoing Tampa Bay performances! Youtube is where you can find full versions of her Spoken Word, and Instagram is where you can stay informed on upcoming shows and new content. Stay Tuned for updates on this rising star!

Written By:Writerreyes

7 thoughts on “SpokenWord Queen: Steffortless

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  1. To know this soul personally is a blessing. Smile on her face every time you see her or hear her. Her words reach you deeper every time you hear her words.
    Such a beautiful soul, woman, mother and friend. God bless you mama. You are going to be known around the world with such passion in your words.


  2. So grateful for bloggers like @WriterReyes. She’s an honest, straightforward, and ethical writer. Thank you so much for this feature. I especially love the poetry you added to describe my art. I look forward to your future content!


  3. Steffortless is a remarkable talent. You can hear and feel her song as her heart passionately moves throughout each word she cleverly chants. Her craft takes you back to a time when poetry was an art, not just phrases put together. She has the coolness of Tracy Smith, the the fire of a young Nikki Giovanni, the control of language like Natasha Tretheway express with the wit of Patricia Smith. Her lines surgically cut through one’s soul causing deep inner conversations with the way one sees life. Steffortless forces her audience to participate in a journey of reflection, that not only reveal a tangible reality, but also displays realistic hope.

    And this is just her poetry, we haven’t even touched the surface on her other talents like her physical art, paintings, dancing, voice, and eye for business. Steffortless is a Queen of many trades and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Steffortless will have an amazing impact in this world, no matter what medium she chooses to express herself.

    It is an honor to have come across such an remarkable woman


  4. I came across her IG account and was blown away. Every time she shares a poem I’m in awe over how talented she truly is. We have to be willing to support the people who truly deserve it and she is extremely talented.


  5. This is a very well done Article! As a New Fan of both @WriterReyes and @Steffortless, this article helps me Love them both all the more! Both Ladies are the type of people that any Artistic Entrepreneur should want to be associated with! This article has definitely shown me just how powerful these ladies are going to be with in talent and prosperity.


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