Introducing Evangelo Morris II: Tragic Artist

“I don’t want people to think I am trying to be something that I am not, if it sounds bad, you don’t have to try and make it sound good; It is what it is.” Evangelo Morris II, 22               


Evangalo Morris II (Vann) is a local well traveled artist who raps, sings, and creates controversial music.  He is currently working at Busch Gardens featured in a spooky erotica play called “Fiends”.

Vann searches for free beats on common apps such as Youtube and Soundcloud that appeal to him and expresses himself to the sounds as they speak to him. He enjoys using instrumentals of some of his favorite artists such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, XxxTenacion, and J cole.

This young man had idolized Michael Jackson, who embodies finding who you are and expressing that person with no fear of what the world has to say.  He always loved music; starting with spurts of inspiration from Michael Jackson as a child, leading to the creation of short songs and quirky poems, but the true dream of becoming an artist was still far away. Growing up in a military family, Vann always moved from place to place, making it hard to have consistent friends and forcing him to be a loner by design. As traditional military family displays, his home life was strict with “yes ma’m” and “no sirs”, logic, and responsibility; leading him to believe this was the path he had to pursue. At age 18 he enlisted in the Marine Corps, despite dreams of joining the Navy and quickly discovered it wasn’t his shot of liquor.

Vann has always felt he was going to do something great, and he quickly realized the Marine Corps wasn’t it. In the military reserves, he felt like an outsider and spent 3 years waiting for someone to recognize he wore a mask.  He felt as if he was just waiting for them to see his unintentional deception and hid himself deeper as a result. Vann had changed who he was to fit his environment. The deeper he hid, the less he felt, and as his true self dwindled, so did his desire to live. Thoughts of ending it brought him to a grinding halt, and got him baker acted. What a wakeup call. He has been discharged and is attempting to pursue more of himself.

As Vann has begun to acknowledge and understand who he is, he has decided to share with the world. Many will not care for what a young man has to say about controversial topics, but to not share, is to hide from the truth of what makes him feel alive. To speak about the thoughts on the inside, and initiate others to think outside their box, and maybe truly pursue their own opinions. Vann found he was becoming someone based on who he was expected to be. This someone wasn’t really something he truly identified with, so he decided to pursue his passion in music in late 2017.  Music, film, and acting brought him back to himself.

Vann started by going to Atlanta to pursue his acting career, and got a job in a play for a few months before he was let go when they found he was living in his car; He was viewed as a liability. Shortly after, he returned to Tampa, Florida, where his family has been for the last 8 years. This talented artist believes labels limit people because he feels it is human nature to be misunderstood. He says color and race take away your identity instead of giving you one. Evangelo believes labels are a way for people to become more comfortable. Labels make things easier for people to consume but labels take away the power of the individual.

Evangalo gives this example, ” If there were two sandwiches that look identical, and I bite into one. Then I assume I know what the other one tastes like because it looks the same. That is an example of how it feels when someone talks to someone who has lightskin like me; they learn their opinions, and then assume because we look similar that they then know what I stand for.”

He offers truth, a way to switch the mindset and escape the matrix we are forced into in life; He wants to show people a way out. Vann is aware some will perceive him as crazy and is okay with this.  Evangelo can often be found performing at Smoken Words and Crowbar.

Check out links to Instagram, Youtube channel, and artist content page to learn what he has to teach those who are wise enough to listen.


Written By: Writerreyes
Edited By: Caitlyn Tague

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