My Alone

Write the story like good sex, with all the build up, arousal, and crescendo, than climax.

Inside all of us we have so many conflicting thoughts,feelings, and beliefs. How many of us like alone time? Like to sit and contemplate our days? If we have the time that is. Even if its laying in bed before we sleep, or spending 5 minutes showing love to our pets. Many of us like to exercise, cook, play video games, meditate, write, read, to breathe in a space where there is no judgement, just you. We all need that time just to be human for awhile, with no expectations but the ones you create and allow for yourself. To just take in life and enjoy for the space of a breath. Many fall into a rut, a place where its just easier not to have too many inputs, to minimize and choose the people we are in contact with on a regular basis in order to declutter the business in our lives. This can also limit our experiences just as it protects. It makes our worlds smaller so we can have more control.

Yet at the same time, we crave others presence, we need their otherness, just to feel like we are not alone in this big world full of so many people. We need to know we are justified in our thinking and supported in our dreams. We as humans need every type of moment. We are such needy creatures. To find the balance and the chaos inside us, that is the order we all seek. That is how we assemble what goes on around us.

That balance its different for all of us. That’s why you can read so many How to control life, how to make your life better, how to be a better you, how to be a better that, how to be a better this and no matter how many books you read none of them fit you perfectly, none of them work perfectly. Because God made us all unique, so while we can relate to some people, there are many we find alien and don’t quite sit right with our views and what we want. So once again the answer to happiness, to peace is not easy.

You have to try different ways, take a little something from this person, and little of that from someone else. Often you need to sit down and evaluate, write your priorities truly reflect on your goals and who you want to be. Then come up with a realistic plan how you are going to make that happen. All these answers may not come to you right away, you may feel like you don’t have time to work on this. But what is the alternative? That you don’t live you life the way you wished you had? That you miss out on opportunities because you were too busy being busy and just live a routine day to day life? and you can still ask other people for advice but make sure it’s people you relate to.

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