5 Minutes

All of us have something to say. It’s just that simple. Whether its a joke, a story about an experience they had, or just a quirky comment on a popular TV show. Often people want to share knowledge or an idea, and more often still the other people don’t give a shit. You have to drag their attention away from themselves and what interests them. If they give you the time of day, you have about 5 seconds to make an impression before they go back to whatever they were doing. People in general, naturally, are selfish and if something doesn’t benefit them, they lose interest. This goes for stories, jokes, knowledge, and talent. Its why it so hard for so many of us artists to get heard, to stand out because we know what we have to share is valuable but they don’t know it and they hardly give us a chance. And we cant present it in the 5 seconds they give us, because it is more important to us than that. Whether its dancing, or a song, or a poem, a story, or play, a basketball play, these abilities take so much of our time to polish and they only give us, those 5 seconds.

But unfortunately that is not going to change, so you have to become more original with your work. Now you might be offended and demand they see you for what you already have, and some might, but most won’t care what you demand. You have to make them care. Now that you realize this, know this, recognize their natural selfishness, you have to find a way to capture their attention. To convince their inner mind that what you have to show they can relate to. You have to make it about them…so they can see YOU.

So how do you do that? Honestly I don’t know, that’s what makes each of us unique. I can’t tell you how to make you stand out in a blog post because that would make you, unoriginal. There are concepts we can work off though. Originality. Focus on them, so they can focus on you.

When you start displaying your talent, do you jump right in, like I’m on the stage here I go, you have to look at me, cause the lights are on me? And for some of you that might work if what you got, your talent, gets our attention….in the first 5 seconds…but for most probably the not the best tactic. Draw the crowd in, engage them. Whoever that is, 1 person, a handful, or a full room. Gage what type of people you are talking to and how they can be involved in your craft. How they can relate and maybe even benefit from what you are saying, doing, or displaying. Some might say how can I do that, my gift is playing the piano. An example would be to engage the crowd in what type of music they like, maybe talking about famous pianists that everyone will know, and then breaking into your music with them already on your side. Comedy is a great crowd breaker, silence breaker, and if you use it right, it can even help you when your nervous, cause you can play it off and have them laughing with you, instead of at you.

My talent, clearly, is writing. While blogging is only one form, I excel when writing stories, and dragging people in with my descriptions and making them feel what I feel. I have recently started doing Spoken Word in Tampa for Smoken Words hosted by Novocaine. A common phrase used is “respect the mike aight”- this is the main rule of this event. When I perform I use this throughout my spoken writing to make sure the crowd is engaged. I will post some videos about use of comedy, and other ideas to make the crowd, the others, not only see you but feel you, and wanting to see more of your skill, your creativity, to have it touch their souls again.

time watch clock hours
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

This idea that people only listen, for the first 5 seconds. It applies for other things as well, when speaking to a interviewer, when explaining a situation to your boss, when telling your friends about something that happened to you, people need to feel there is a reason for their knowing whatever you are sharing. We all live by time, not enough and sometimes too much and as such are always judging, choosing how much of our time we are willing to give to another, and unconsciously cut off our attention if we don’t perceive something as pertinent to us.

Say as much as possible, with the least amount of words, and make the most impact. Take their attention, and make your words their meat, next time they’ll come back hungry for more.


Written By: Bethany Reyes

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