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Everyone struggles. We work hard to be who we’re supposed to be. Who is that? Some of us know, others haven’t got a clue, and all of us struggle to be the best we can be. To fulfill a purpose, to have our lives matter. My passion is writing, and because it doesn’t automatically give me the money needed to survive and pay bills I often shy from it. Doing so is almost a sin, as it is my God given talent. The part of me that flows effortlessly. That makes me come alive and feel true joy. So why do I fight it? I’m still trying to figure that out. Listen along and find out with me. But don’t listen to find out why I don’t do what makes me tick all the time, why I fail sometimes, listen so you can learn, so you know what not to do. Listen so maybe, just maybe, my story or anothers can make you a better you. What lights your fire? Maybe someone else’s experiences can explain yours. Maybe yours can explain ours, feel free to enlighten us with similar stories or just to share a moment. Everyone counts. If anything matters, everything matters.

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About a month back I had made a promise to myself to write a little something every day, even if it was bad, even if it was just thoughts. Because creators must create, and practice makes perfect. And because it felt good. Because it felt right. So I wrote some very thoughtful pieces, just thinking about where I was in my life. What I had gone through, and where I was trying to go. I think that’s a process we all go through. The ups and downs of finding self. When we are teenagers discovering things for the first time, to our twenties as we build who we are as adults, to our 50’s and midlife crisis wondering how so much has gotten away from where we wanted to be. To our late grandparent years reflecting on where the time has gone and truly looking at who you ended up being just through simple experiences. Some of the pieces I wrote were damn good, and yes I do say so myself. And some sucked. But I share the good ones, just looking for someone to tell me I still had the Gift. They all loved what had to say, and many were thoughtful when I was done. And I was overjoyed because I had made them think, to reevaluate, and that was the whole goal. And so my grandmother told me, when I shared with her, she told me to share with as many as I could. She said people don’t talk about their progress in the moment, as they endure it, as they figure it out. They only remembered later what it was like, once they have overcome it. She said to be a voice from one young person to the next. From one just floundering young person to the next. And maybe we might have insight for others. Maybe this blog can help as many as possible, and maybe we can figure it out together. So I am going to write to you, for me, and for you all, every week. Sometimes it will be stupid. And sometimes it will be brilliant. And I want to hear ya’lls voices too.

The older generations , you know what they say? They say we are stuck in our electronics, that there is no community anymore. Let’s show them our voice.
I want to hear all your voices and I want to hear about everything. I do not care what color your skin is, or what walk of life. It doesn’t matter if our cultures differ, or even if we disagree. I value your life experiences, your thoughts, your feelings. I hope you enjoy mine. So key in as we talk about everything under the sun. Lets blow it up! Lets live it up!


Written by: Writerreyes

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